A7 „I am a volunteer in my home 1” / Greece

          Greek students were taught simple methods of recycling paper and waste cooking oil.

        In particular, they learned to make recycled paper from old newspapers and other paper items. Additionally, a method of making Biodiesel from used cooked oils was taught.

       All methods were simple and inexpensive. The materials and instruments used were cheap and can easily be found in nature or in trade. So, students can make the above preparations even in the kichen or in the storeroom of their house.


The students presented the recycling experiments at a workshop presenting experiments on natural sciences with the subject „School open to society”, which took place in an open space in the center of Larissa, 27th of April 2018. The event was attended by many schools of Larissa. The stand of the 11th Gymnasium of Larissa, where the recycling experiments listed above were presented, was visited by many citizens of Larissa and members of the local educational community. Fifteen students from our school participated and we were the most populous group in the event.

     At the end of the activity, the organizers of the workshop „School open to  society” prepared certificates for each school, to give to the participant students. Our students were awarded their certificates at the morning gathering where all students of our school attend.

Next video depicts the campaign titled „I am a volunteer in my home 1”, which had been done in 11th Junior Highschool of Larissa, to motivate as many students as possible to participate in recycling activities: