A29 „Stop deforestation” a tree-planting campaign involving the local authorities, police and the community / Poland

On April 5, 2019, the Erasmus + „Cycling on Nature’s Wheels” team from Primary School No. 1 in Grajewo participated in the forest planting action ph .: „1000 trees per minute”. This event was organized in cooperation with the Rajgród Forest Inspectorate. It was attended by representatives of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Grajewo, the Fire Brigade in Grajewo, employees of Rajgród Forest Inspectorate and the Erasmus + SP1 team, i.e. students and teachers from Primary School No. 1 in Grajewo.
At the end there was a bonfire, after which all participants received certificates and small gifts from the Forest District and the First Deputy Commander of the Police in Grajewo.


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Kampania sadzenia lasów w związku z realizacją projektu Erasmus+ „Cycling on Nature’s Wheels” 2017-2019. SP1 Grajewo

A tree planting campaign involving police, firefighters, foresters during the project  Erasmus+ “Cycling on Nature’s Wheels” 2017-2019. SP1 Grajewo, Poland.

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