A27 ”My region, cleaner due to me”, volunteering activity concerning cleaning the vicinity of a river, lake  etc in the nearby / Portugal


On May 23th, Students and teachers of the Eco-schools, Hortofloricultura and Origami clubs, held an action to clean the banks of the section adopted of the Febros river and held the second monitoring of it.

We collected the garbage and water to measure and record the physico-chemical characteristics (temperature, pH, nitrates and nitrites, …). We also observed and recorded life on the river – biodiversity of flora, fauna, and the river’s environmental situation.

We conclued that the stretch has some litter, due to unhygienic behaviors, that it needs a greater cleaning of its banks, and that the quality of the water is reasonable.

Thus, we all learned, in this way, to value the importance of water lines. Also the importance of implementation of observation to monitor or surveill the conservation of the ecosystem.

The Rios Project aims at social participation in the conservation of fluvial spaces, seeking to follow the objectives presented in the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and contributes to the implementation of the Earth Charter and the Water Framework Directive.

The Rios Project is a national and international project having started its action in Spain.

The change begins in us!

Cleansing campaign of school green spaces

On June 5, World Environment Day will be celebrated and the world will be marked with positive actions to protect and preserve the environment. The Vocational Education and Training (VET) course of Gardening and 5th A class in the scope of Citizenship and Development, Basic School of Moure and Ribeira do Neiva, carried out an action of cleaning of the green spaces of the school titled „The change begins in us!”.

Participating classes collected all the garbage in the green spaces and found that plastic was the most present residue on the floor.

We hope this initiative will sensitize all students to put the existing ecopoints and replicate similar actions in the community because THE CHANGE BEGINS AT ALL OF US!