A25 „Be the manager of your school”  applying practical solutions to reduce consumption in schools / Greece

     Students of 11th Gymnasium of Larissa worked on projects on which they created objects from recycled materials. 

     This activity has mobilized all of the pupils and the total of the student body succeeded in presenting a final proposal for the project. 

     Indeed a percentage of the students, more than one quarter of them, managed to create and present brick constructions that represented 11th Gymnasium of Larissa on the workshop „School open to the society” that took place at the Post Office Square on Friday, 17th of April 2019. 

     At the event a lot of Gymnasiums and Lyceums of Larissa participated. Fifty six students from our school participated and we were the most populous group in the event.

     The purpose of the project was to realize that the protection of the environment is an important issue that concerns each and every one of us and that there are many ways to help and succeed at this direction. Therefore, a big amount of trash can be used to create beautiful and useful objects, instead of throwing them as garbage. 

     Students had also the opportunity to show their creations in public and conduct in dialogue with other people, explaining their ideas and talk about subjects such as protecting the environment and recycling. 

     At the bench of the 11th Gymnasium of Larissa that our schools creations were exposed, many citizens of Larissa, the Mayor of the city, members of the Municipal Council and members of local educational societies, visited and admired recycled material creations made from our students. 

     Our school received an invitation from the Municipal Authority to participate at „4th Home feast of Larissa” that took place at the Aesthetic Grove Wood on the 4th and 5th of May 2019 with the same creations. Unfortunately, we couldn’t participate because our group was at Poland in the framework of the 3rd LTTA transnational meeting. 

     At the end of the activity, the organizers of the workshop „School open to  society” prepared certificates for each school, to give to the participant students. Our students were awarded their certificates at the presentation of the Erasmus Project which took place in our school at the end of the school year.

     Next video depicts the campaign which had been done in 11th Junior Highschool of Larissa, to motivate as many students as possible to participate in recycling activities: