A19 Participation in the „Green + School” / Portugal

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Vegetable garden bio at school – activities, recourses and formation

This project at school aims to involve students, teachers, staff and parents in maintaining the garden in the school space according to the principles of Organic Agriculture.

It is also important to emphasize the importance of Organic Agriculture in the community, contributing to a healthier diet, a sustainable soil exploration and a return to the soil traditions that with industrialization, mass production and distribution were lost.

Vegetable garden resources

  • Conservation of the existing water resource – brook and riparian vegetation of the banks and also, the use of water for irrigation.
  • Bug house – Auxiliary insects contribute to a considerable reduction in the population of pests in garden crops … They are a free and renewable natural resource present in all agricultural ecosystems.

Our school participates in the Hortas Bio Project in Eco-schools. This national competition is the responsibility of ABAE – Blue Flag Association of Europe and AGROBIO – Portuguese Association of Organic Agriculture, which recognize the projects that have school gardens conducted in accordance with the principles of Organic Agriculture.

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