A13 „I am a volunteer in my home 2” Collection of corks, PETs and cans – every student involved contributes to family budget with the money from waste materials / Greece

The 11th Gymnasium of Larissa during the organization of the LTT meeting in Greece has done a lot of preparatory work. One of these preparatory works concerns an educational action in Athens, where all the visiting partners will visit the Standard European Recycling Park
of the Municipality of Agioi Anargyroi. The Park’s officers charge a fee for the students in order to enter the Park and to participate in the training program. Instead of money, each student was asked to have a bag of 50 clean packages for recycling, plastic, metal or glass.
Thus, Greek pupils and their families for a long period of time have collected recyclable packages of metal, plastic or glass. They cleaned and stored them in large bags.
In fact, each student prepared a bag with 50 recyclable packages for himself andone for every European classmate he would host at his home.
This is how we prepared to „pay” the price for our entry and participation in the Recycling Park program for us as well as for our European guests. At the same time, students and their families were initiated in the process of cleaning the packaging before recycling. The motivation of hosting European classmates and visiting the Recycling Park in Athens made the whole process enjoyable! Discussing with the parents in our „parents’ meetings”, we are informed that all families, even though they have reached the target of 50  per pupil, continue to collect and clean the packages before placing them in the appropriate boxes for recycling!